Review on Compliance Procedures for Hong Kong Listed Companies



Hong Kong's securities markets are governed by different regulatory bodies, such as Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”), Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“Stock Exchange”), and statutory regulations, such as Securities and Futures Ordinance (“SFO”) and Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Stock Exchange (“Listing Rules”). It is the primary responsibility of a Listed Company’s Directors to ensure that the Listed Company complies with all relevant requirements. Penalties for breaches of SFO and Listing Rules may include fines, sanctions or even imprisonment. For example, fail to fulfill the disclosure requirement of inside information under SFO may lead to civil sanctions by SFC including but not limited to disqualification from being Director of the Listing Companies or regulatory fine up to Hong Kong Dollar 8 million on the Listed Companies; while fail to comply with Listing Rules may lead to sanctions for non-compliance such as private reprimand, public statement which involves criticism and public censure. Therefore, it is essential for Listing Companies to establish a set of effective compliance procedures in order to fulfill the statutory requirements.

Based on our extensive experience in compliance procedures and corporate governance review, SHINEWING Risk Services Limited (“SWR”) provides a series of value-added services to Listed Companies. In order to lighten your burden on keeping notice on the frequent updates of the SFO, Listing Rules and Corporate Governance Code, we strive to provide the most up-to-date market information and assist you to comply with such regulations.


Services provided by SWR

  1. Review the Compliance Procedures on disclosure of inside information

  2. Review the Compliance Procedures on certain Listing Rules

  3. Review the existing Corporate Governance Practices according to the Corporate Governance Code

  4. Assist the Listed Companies to establish sound and effective compliance procedures, internal controls system and policies for complying the regulatory requirements

  5. Training/ Seminars for directors, company secretaries and senior management by experienced speakers

If there are any aspects which we may assist, please do not hesitate to contact our partner Mr. Roy Lo at 3583 8048 ( or our Risk Manager Ms. Gloria So at 3583 8517 (


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