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SHINEWING (HK) CPA Limited has successfully completed its merger with Li, Tang, Chen & Co to expand its business and provide more comprehensive audit and advisory services

02 Jan 2020

[Hong Kong, Jan 2020] SHINEWING (HK) CPA Limited (“ShineWing Hong Kong”) is pleased to announce that, the merger with Li, Tang, Chen & Co (“LTC”) has been successfully completed on 1 Jan 2020.

Partners and staff members of LTC have joined ShineWing Hong Kong on January 1, 2020.  Dr. Eric Li and Mr. David Li, Senior Partners of LTC, would become Honorary Chairman and Senior Advisor of ShineWing Hong Kong, respectively. This merger introduced more professional talents to ShineWing Hong Kong, expanded the client base, and further enhanced the firm's resources.  It enables the firm to provide clients with more comprehensive and competitive professional services.

As this year marks the 15th anniversary of ShineWing Hong Kong, the strategic move signified a significant milestone for the firm since its merger with Ho and Ho & Company in 2005.  "The fast-changing business environment and the diverse needs of clients have further facilitated the integration of the accounting market.  This merger represents a new horizon in the business development of ShineWing Hong Kong; reflects the synergy in sharing resources; and demonstrates our determination to increase the breadth and depth of our services," said Roy Lo, Managing Partner of ShineWing Hong Kong.

Mr. Zhang Ke, Chairman of ShineWing International, remarked, "ShineWing has established a sound management structure and developed highly efficient service capabilities.   We have always been at the forefront of the accounting industry and are widely recognized by the market.  This strategic merger could further contribute to the business network and enrich the pool of professional talents of ShineWing Hong Kong.  I truly believe that ShineWing Hong Kong will be able to further consolidate its position as a bridgehead in connecting Chinese and overseas businesses, by being a valued partner in the market.  It will also contribute to our international development strategies, and enable ShineWing to grow in a robust way."

LTC is a reputable local accounting firm in Hong Kong.  It has been recognized as a strong and solid accounting practice in the private client sector.  It provides audit, tax, company secretarial, bookkeeping and accounting as well as advisory services to various large companies and multinationals across different industries such as retail, consumer services, property development, construction, technology, electronics, education and not-for-profit.

After the merger, by taking the existing operating systems of ShineWing Hong Kong as a basis, a unified model of service standards, quality assurance, business development, research & development, technical support and practice management would be adopted to advance the service capabilities of the firm.

Dr. Eric Li, Senior Partner of LTC, said, “ShineWing is a pioneer of professional services in China and has been a unique market leader.   We are very delighted to be part of ShineWing.  We believe that this merger will provide benefits to our clients and will further enhance our capabilities in serving private companies.  I would also like to take this opportunity to assure our clients that the integration will be conducted in a seamless manner, close communication will be maintained with clients at all times, and higher-quality services will be provided for private and listed companies.”