Congratulations to Zhenro Properties Group Limited on its Successful Listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

[Hong Kong, Jan 2018] Zhenro Properties Group Limited (Stockcode: 6158) (“Zhenro Properties”) was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 16 January 2018. Zhenro Properties is a large comprehensive property developer in the PRC focusing on the development of residential properties and the development, operation and management of commercial and mixed-use properties.

SHINEWING Risk Services Limited provided internal controls review services in the listing engagement of Zhenro Properties. We take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the team and give our tribute to Zhenro Properties for its successful listing. We wish Zhenro Properties a prosperous future and continuing success in the industry.

Background of Zhenro Properties GroupLimited

Zhenro Properties Holdings Company Limited, the onshore holding company of the group was established in July 2015 as Zhenro Group’s exclusive platform to carry out its property development business founded in 1998. The group has inherited from Zhenro Group extensive experience and sophisticated property development capabilities. Zhenro Group has earned the accolade of a top 100 real estate developer in China for 13 consecutive years since 2005 in terms of its comprehensive property development capability by various industry research institutes.