| Risk Advisory Services |

A sound system of risk control is essential before, during, and after each relative cycle of results.  It is fundamental to the successful operation and day-to-day business of a company.

Over the years of evolving, ShineWing is dedicated to exploring the most up-to-date management systems and business processes.  The international standards combined with the local practices have been integrated into the unique approach for us.  As being one of the pioneers in the fields of risk management and internal control, our team is committed to providing practical, customized solutions for clients, helping them unearth business opportunities in fast-changing market with our rich international and local knowledge and extensive network in Hong Kong and China.

Our Services include:
  • Internal Audit Function
  • Internal Controls Review for IPO Project
  • Corporate Governance Review
  • Review of Compliance Procedures
  • Review of Risk Management
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Advisory
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Services
  • China’s Basic Standard for Enterprise Internal Control Related Services