| Recovery and Reorganisation Services |

It is important for management to take immediate action as soon as they see the warning signs and before it becomes too late to save a viable business. Obtaining sound advice from recovery and reorganisation experts at the earliest possible opportunity will also undoubtedly make a big difference.

ShineWing’s dedicated recovery and reorganisation specialists work closely with businesses that are facing financial difficulties, as well as their lenders, investors, advisers and other stakeholders. Our specialists are professionals with years of proven experience recognized by court, regulatory and professional accounting bodies.

Our effective and practical solutions enable corporations to quickly contain problems and ride out of the crisis, often by means of financial and/or operational restructuring and even insolvency tools. Our solid experience helps both the business and its stakeholders stay focused on their core activities. With negotiated support from lenders and investors, our flexible and practical approaches can often lead to the successful recovery of business organisations.

For clients experiencing financial difficulties, we provide professional advice and implementation services which include:

  • Perform quick review of the financial and operational needs of businesses
  • Advise on corporate debt restructuring scheme or formal scheme of arrangement
  • Advise on the corporate streamlining, closure of business and deregistration
  • Advise stakeholders facing management deadlocks by insolvency tools
  • Conduct statutory investigation and litigation support
  • Assist clients in reaching settlement out of court
  • Advise clients on liaising with relevant governmental bodies and commissions in the relevant jurisdictions
  • Take up formal insolvency capacities such as receiver, provisional liquidator, liquidator, trustee in bankruptcy and administrator in the PRC bankruptcy cases
  • Act as estate administrators or judicial trustees or advisor to Mentally Incapacitated Person given our extensive experience as court officers