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Congratulations to IWS Group Holdings Limited on its Successful Transfer of Listing from the GEM to the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

07 Mar 2022

[Hong Kong, Mar 2022] Our client, IWS Group Holdings Limited (Stock code: 6663) (“IWS Group”), successfully transferred its listing from the GEM to the Main Board on 7 March 2022.

We take this opportunity to give our tribute to IWS Group for its successful transfer of listing. We wish IWS Group a prosperous future and continuing success in the industry.

Background of IWS Group Holdings Limited
IWS Group is an established facility services provider specialized in providing security services and facility management services across public and private sectors in Hong Kong. It has over 10 years of experience in providing security services at railway stations and facilities, sea, land and railway immigration control points and public amenities as well as crowd coordination and management services at various large-scale events and emergency and critical incidents in Hong Kong.